We would like to present PhotoPlus WebApp 2.0.1 application that combines many features and having the integration of the online store and the CMS:

  • Modules for ordering Photo prints and posters, Canvas Prints, Photo Posters, Photo gifts, Photo Calendars, Photo Books classic and Photo Books premier.
  • The integration of modules with the online shop.
  • Integration with site based on CMS.


We give possibility to order only selected modules - the price is determined individually after contact our sales representative.

Take a look at the below the juxtaposition of functionality and specifications detailed PhotoPlus WebApp application and additional capabilities through integration with an online shop and CMS.


Basic information:

  • Any number of pages on your site (eg news, about us, contact us)
  • Adaptation of graphic sites (individual projects)
  • Care system (support, updates)
  • Selected features may be ordered only (some units)
  • Expandable system / implementation of individual changes in the system
  • Installation on our server or on the client server
  • Priced individually after contact our sales representative



Website (frontend):

  • Ordering prints via browser
  • Order photo-painting via browser
  • Ordering photo-posters via browser
  • Ordering photo-books via browser
  • Order photo-tomes via browser
  • Ordering photo-calendars via browser
  • Ordering photo-gadgets via browser
  • Customer panel (user registration system / customer data)
  • List of orders in the customer panel
  • The statuses of orders in the customer panel
  • Shop with any products
  • Your shopping cart, integration with discount coupons
  • FAQ - book of frequently asked questions
  • The book with the recommendations published on the website
  • Department 'Help' instructions for clients
  • Forms for clients (eg, your suggestions, complaints form)
  • Social Plug-ins popular sites



The administration panel (backend):

  • List of contracts (basic data, print)
  • Details of orders (customer, date, directories of files on the server)
  • Generate order status (manual and automatic)
  • The customer base (sorting, filtering)
  • Customer groups (individual settings)
  • The notifications of the most valuable customers
  • Product management (among others. Categories, prices, photos, descriptions, types of paper, print sizes, number of pages, pricing options for shopping cart, calendar types)
  • The computational rules (taxes, discounts)
  • Configuring Shipping Methods
  • Integration with online payment
  • Edit content automatically sent an e-mail
  • Integration with SMS alerts
  • Statistics (number of products sold, total orders)
  • Managing coupons (coupons and discount cards)
  • List of complaints and suggestions (news with forms)
  • Export data to a file. CSV
  • Internal mail (messages between users)
  • Mail Merge - based mailing list
  • Management Panel recommendations from clients
  • Management Panel FAQ
  • Managing content on the page - the system of articles, media

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